Star of Courage


They come from the cities and farms, military bases and tourist towns, seaside bungalows and urban apartments. All are ordinary people who did extraordinary things. Not one of them sought recognition, yet all are worthy of our admiration. They are Canada’s heroes, recipients of the presigious Star of Courage, and these are the stories of their bravery.

Passionately told by John Melady, the tales of their courage span the nation and beyond: a heart-stopping rescue on the storm-tossed Atlantic, a plane crash on a mountain peak, a robbery and cold-blooded murder on the Saskatchewan prairie and a dramatic rescue at the very brink of Niagara Falls, to name just a few.

Whether the quick-thinking seven-year-old who foiled a molester, the quiet young woman who disarmed a killer, or the soldier who became a human shield: these courageous individuals will inspire readers and prove to Canadians that there are great heroes in our midst.


"The book uses a creative non-fiction approach to tell the stories of tribulation and bravery."

Times-Colonist (December, 2001)

"This book has the reader choking up with emotion and quite often a tear or two is wont to spill down the cheeks of the readers who recognize Canada's true heroes."

Kenora Daily Miner and News (December, 2001)

About the Author

John Melady

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014
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John Melady

John Melady is a veteran writer on military history and space exploration. His many books include Pearson's Prize, Canadians in Space, Star of Courage, and Heartbreak and Heroism. He lives in Egmondville, Ontario.