Spring Again


In this collection of poems, noted naturalist-writer Robert W. Nero offers insightful reflections on a variety of birds from peregrine falcons, great grey owls and common ravens to purple martins and orioles. We are also offered surprising glimpses of such diverse wildlife as frogs, chipmunks, shrews, ants, dragonflies and spiders. It is nature in all its seasons that holds Dr. Nero’s attention as he develops intriguing views of ordinary scenes and events. But the poems in this collection also speak of love, passion and introspection, thus revealing a deeper and increasingly personal side of one of Canada’s most respected naturalists.

A combination of scientific training and experience, along with ecological awareness and writer’s craft, is brought to bear in this fine assortment of poems. As in his two previous poetry books, we are privileged to share some fairly intimate aspects of the relationship between Bob Nero and his wife, Ruth. This surprising writer enriches our awareness of the diversity of nature while exposing some of his deepest and most tender thoughts and feelings.

About the Author

Robert W. Nero

Posted by Dundurn Guest on October 30, 2014
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Robert W. Nero

A well-known scientist and educator with numerous natural history publications to his credit, Robert W. Nero has attracted attention in recent years through published collections of his poetry. Woman By the Shore, The Mulch Pile and Spring Again firmly established Bob Nero's standing in the field of poetry.