The Snake Mistake Mystery


Noble Dog Walking takes care of pets, even if they slither.

When a ball python they’re looking after disappears, Stephen Noble
and Renée Kobai join forces with their favourite clients, Jack Russell
Ping and Greyhound Pong, to find that snake. The local animal shelter
proves no help at all. The only thing they care about is their annual cat
sale. It’s starting to look like the ball python may have been stolen, when
Stephen and Renee get word that more homes have been broken into,
all of them clients of Noble Dog Walking. The case turns desperate as
one by one, their clients leave, and Dad considers folding the business.
Unless Stephen and Renée find the real criminal fast, they may find
themselves without the job they both love. After losing Ping and Pong
as clients, too, they pin their last hope on gathering all the suspects at
the animal shelter, and a real Cat-astrophe ensues.

About the Author

Sylvia McNicoll

Posted by Kendra on April 12, 2016
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Sylvia McNicoll

Sylvia McNicoll is the author of over thirty novels, including The Great Mistake Mysteries series. Her YA novel Bringing up Beauty won the Ontario Library Silver Birch Award. She has been shortlisted for the Arthur Ellis Young Adult Crime Book Award for Crush.Candy.Corpse, and the Rocky Mountain Book Award for Revenge on the Fly. She lives in Burlington, Ontario.