The Snake Mistake Mystery


Can Stephen and Renée solve a case and save Noble Dogwalking?

Stephen and Renée accidentally discover messages written on the rocks near the creek and sewer pipe where Ping and Pong, their Noble Dogwalking canine clients, lead them. Hearts, love notes, and promises are spray-painted on the rocks. However, one graffiti gives away a secret rendezvous location: the address of a recent robbery that has been pinned on the Noble Dogwalking Agency. The crime involves a missing python and a key that Stephen says he lost. Stephen and Renée need to solve this case or the Noble Dogwalking Agency will go under!

About the Author

Sylvia McNicoll

Posted by Dundurn Guest on April 12, 2016
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Sylvia McNicoll

Sylvia McNicoll is the author of over thirty novels. Bringing up Beauty won the Ontario Library Silver Birch Award, launching her to international success. Crush.Candy.Corpse was shortlisted for the Arthur Ellis Young Adult Crime writing award, and Revenge on the Fly for the Rocky Mountain Award. Sylvia lives in Burlington, Ontario.