Shoulder the Sky


Winner of the 2003 Ann Connor Brimer Award, short-listed for the 2004 White Pine Award

Martin Emerson’s family, friends, and even his therapist have trouble figuring him out. He never showed much of a reaction to the death of his mother, and his behaviour of late has been getting more and more bizarre.

And yet, his website – – has made him something of a cult figure to followers who believe that, if not having all the right answers, "Emerso" at least has all the right questions.

Shoulder the Sky is a rarity among young adult novels – it challenges the reader with philosophical thought and complex observations.


Ann Connor Brimer Award
White Pine Award


"This story is told with grace, integrity and the brash, engaging honesty Choyce fans will recognize and have grown to appreciate from his earlier works."

The Telegram (December, 2002)

"Choyce, with over 50 works of fiction to his credit, expertly infuses his characters with an engaging combination of muscles and poetry."

"Choyce expertly infuses his characters with an engaging combination of muscle and poetry."

(February, 2003)

Fast-paced and intelligent, this story entertains as well as educates.

(June, 2004)

Choyce writes well enough to impress even a sophisticated, well read teen.

(December, 2002)

This book is written in an engaging and enthralling style with fully developed, dynamic characters and a plot that will keep the reader turning the pages far into the night.

(January, 2003)

Lesley Choyce's latest young adult novel has a complex texture and a strong and distinctive voice in its main character.

(December, 2002)

the characters are interesting and true to life.

(March, 2003)

About the Author

Lesley Choyce

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014
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Lesley Choyce

Lesley Choyce is the author of over ninety books. He has won the Dartmouth Book Award, the Atlantic Poetry Prize, and the Ann Connor Brimer Award, and has been shortlisted for the Governor General's Award. He lives in East Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia.