Shot Down and On the Run


The stories of many POW escapees are well known, but what about those who miraculously evaded capture in the first place and returned to fight another day?

This compelling book tells some of the epic stories of the thousands of shot-down airmen, including Canadians from across the country, who got out from behind enemy lines in Europe, the Far East, and Africa during the Second World War. Based on special first-hand interviews and new research into official debriefing documents held at Britain’s National Archives, many of these accounts have never been published before. This books explores the pivotal role of military intelligence in the training, support, and organization of escape and evasion; it also features rare photographs of the evaders and their helpers.

About the Authors

Graham Pitchfork

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014

Graham Pitchfork

Air Commodore Graham Pitchfork, MBE, served in the RAF for 36 years and was subsequently a director of Military Intelligence at the Ministry of Defence. His previous books include Men Behind the Medals and The Buccaneers.