Saving Crazy


Can a high-seas, whale-saving adventure repair the hurt between two friends?

How do you decide where your heart lies when it’s being tugged at from so many sides?

When Robin and Zo-Zo discover that their beloved lake has become a toxic sludge — the result of an algae bloom — they know they have to do something to fix it. But trouble begins when the two friends develop a crush on the same boy during a community meeting to save the lake.

To help repair things between the girls, Robin’s grandmother, Griff, suggests a high-seas adventure with a whale-saving old friend of hers. Out on the open water Robin must decide what’s more important: a relationship with a boy or saving the animals she loves.


Hood-Caddy seamlessly integrates information about ecology and animal conservation into the plot, which will both enlighten and entertain middle-grade readers.


A touching work that will stir young readers to become environmentalists which tackles the usual adolescent issues. 

School Library Journal

There are many reasons to recommend this book. It’s entertaining, informative and inspiring, all while exploring relationships and passions.

City Parent magazine

Many of the issues raised add an element of intrigue and excitement to a novel that also touches on more traditional teen issues.

Montreal Gazette

Hood-Caddy uses evocative language to paint a picture in the readers mind. The characters are relatable and engaging.

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About the Author

Karen Hood-Caddy

Posted by Kendra on October 30, 2014
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Karen Hood-Caddy

Karen Hood-Caddy is an avid nature lover and the author of seven novels. Her first novel in The Wild Place Adventure Series, Howl, was nominated for the Canadian Library Association Book of the Year for Children Award. She lives on Georgian Bay in Ontario.