Samurai Code


After a cheap handgun sets Jack on the trail of a heroin importer, he winds up in the lair of one of the largest Yakuza crime families, caught in a deadly clash of criminal cultures.

This intriguing, suspense-packed novel is the fourth in the Jack Taggart Mystery series, continuing the story of Loose Ends, Above Ground, and Angel in the Full Moon. This time, the implacable Mountie Jack Taggart goes undercover to follow the trail of a cheap “Saturday-night special” handgun found at the scene of a murder.

He traces the gun from the manufacturer to the person it was stolen from, and through several criminals, until the trail leads him to a suspected heroin importer. Posing as an Irish gangster to penetrate the criminal organization, Taggart discovers that the real crime boss is a mysterious figure out of Asia.

Alone and without backup in the lair of one of the largest Yakuza organized crime families in Japan, Taggart finds himself caught in a deadly clash of criminal cultures.


Dewey Divas and the Dudes


Undercover Mountie Jack Taggart is back with a story that takes him from the seedy underground in Vancouver to the sumptuous criminal haunts of Tokyo. This one is Easton's best so far.

Globe and Mail

A pretty revealing story about the way drug dealers seem to operate almost at will in so many countries.

Saskatoon Star-Phoenix

A multifarious story layered with swift action, sudden violence and compassion told in a style that keeps you turning the pages. Easton is a hard-nosed writer at the top of his game.

Hamilton Spectator

Taggart … is a lively character to hang out with for a few hours.

London Free Press

Easton will quickly suck you into the story with his crisp, clean prose, fast-moving plots, and a gift for dialogue that breathes life into his characters.

Boulevard Magazine

About the Author

Don Easton

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014
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Don Easton

Don Easton worked as an undercover Mountie for twenty years, including seven years in an RCMP Intelligence Unit. He lives in Victoria, B.C.