Rescue From Grampa Woo


Rescue From Grampa Woo is an exciting tale of fear and heroism on Lake Superior. It tells of the rescue of two American men from a propellerless cruise ship as it drifts out to sea in hurricane-force winds. Three ships, two Canadian, one American, fight to save it. How successful were they? What kind of people would take these risks for others? What is it about Lake Superior that inspires such awe?

Rescue From Grampa Woo is a mariner’s story, a sea story, a gripping account of adventure, risk and dedication. It culminated in the awarding of three Governor General’s Medals of Bravery.

"I know when not to push the lake."

- Captain Gerry Dawson

About the Author

Joan Skelton

Posted by Dundurn Guest on December 6, 2014

Joan Skelton

Joan Skelton has been included in The Encyclopedia of Literature of the Seas and Great Lakes, published by the University of Minnesota Press, and in The Women's Great Lakes Reader. She is an expatriate Torontonian who has adopted the near North as her home. Her other works include Interlude and The Survivor of the Edmund Fitzgerald.