On Remembrance Day


An exploration of Canadian Remembrance Day history, customs, and traditions.

Who are the people who offered their lives in war?

Why do we remember them?

How do we honour their memory?

For children learning about remembrance and the human toll of war, there can be hard questions to answer. This book is meant to answer the questions kids ask about Remembrance Day and to explain how and why we honour the men and women who have served our country. Canada has developed unique ways of honouring and demonstrating respect for its war dead and veterans.

Through every generation there are Canadian families who have lost loved ones to international conflict and war. On Remembrance Day presents the origins, traditions, and customs of Canada’s Remembrance Day in a fashion that is engaging and easy to read.


…a wonderful book to share with elementary school children leading up to November 11.

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About the Author

Eleanor Creasey

Posted by Kendra on October 30, 2014

Eleanor Creasey

A retired teacher and school principal, Eleanor Creasey B.Ed., M.Ed. is the author of On Remembrance Day and several teachers' resource guides to facilitate classroom discussion of novels. She lives in Ottawa.