Reinventing Canada


Reinventing Canada is a contribution to the national debate on Canada’s future. The book offers a comprehensive analysis of the political, cultural, and economic trends underlying our crisis of national unity and identity. The ideas are new, controversial, even startling, and Westell explains complex subjects in layman’s language. Among the topics are the rise of economic globalism; the decline of social democracy, which has been a defining aspect of Canada’s identity; the failure of Canadian federalism and parliamentary government; and the urgent need to reinvent the way we govern ourselves.

About the Authors

Anthony Westell

Posted by Kendra on October 30, 2014

Anthony Westell

Anthony Westell joined the Globe and Mail in 1956, becoming a member of the editorial board, and then Ottawa Bureau Chief. Joining the Toronto Star as national affairs columnist in 1969, he later moved to Carleton University to teach journalism, becoming director of the school of journalism and Associate Dean of Arts.