Ready to Come About


Three hundred nautical miles from shore, I’m cold and sick and afraid. I pray for reprieve. I long for solid ground. And I can’t help but ask myself, What the hell was I thinking?

Sue Williams, along with her partner, David, spent an improbable year sailing the
North Atlantic. It wasn’t a mid-life crisis. They weren’t running from the law. But
Sue, who claims she didn’t have an adventure-seeking bone in her body, found
herself thinking that living according to someone else’s script can wear down the
spirit. So, in the wake of a perfect storm of personal events, she decided it was
time for them to get out of their grown sons’ way and follow their dream.

Ready to Come About is the story of a lifelong dream realized — a dream that led
them to realize that there is no gift more precious than the liberty to chart one’s
own course. And that risk is a good thing … sometimes, at least.

About the Author

Sue Williams

Posted by KathrynB on September 18, 2018

Sue Williams

Sue Williams earned a degree in occupational therapy from Queen’s University, and practised OT for over thirty years. In 2016, she left the health care field to focus on writing. Sue lives in Guelph, Ontario.