Purple Palette for Murder


With her husband under arrest for murder and Meg desperate to prove his innocence, she flies to Yellowknife, where a tangled web of family secrets and greed awaits her.

Meg Harris is forced to leave the sanctuary of Three Deer Point and fly to Yellowknife, where her stepdaughter lies near death and her husband is in jail for killing a man. Expecting to find Eric shouting his innocence, she instead finds him cowed and willing to do hard time. But Meg doesn’t believe he’s guilty.

Convinced that there’s more to the murder victim — and the attack on her stepdaughter — than the police think, Meg finds herself on a sordid trail of family secrets and greed, hoping she can prove her husband’s innocence. Fragments of an ancient embroidery lead her to a remote Dene hunting camp, where all is not what it seems.


A great read. Vivid characters, an intriguing mystery, and a moving glimpse into the rich culture and fragile beauty of the north.

Barbara Fradkin, author of Inspector Green mysteries

Plenty of well-developed characters and a storyline that raises pointed questions about land use. But the stunning beauty of the Northwest Territory is the real star of the story.

Kirkus Reviews

The tragedies of the First Nations people are integral to this vivid, intense story set in Canada’s northern wilderness. A solid choice for readers of Margaret Coel or C.J. Box.

Library Journal

As is the nature of all good murder mysteries, R.J. Harlick keeps us guessing about what really happened.

Ottawa Review of Books

Purple Palette for Murder is a dramatic mystery, involving power and family. Don’t worry if you haven’t read previous books. This one can stand by itself.

Lesa’s Book Critiques

Terrific stuff … Superb.

Winnipeg Free Press

Harlick has skillfully constructed a puzzle that draws in readers and keeps them guessing.

Publisher’s Weekly

About the Author

R.J. Harlick

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014
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R.J. Harlick

R.J. Harlick’s love for Canada’s untamed wilds is the inspiration for the Meg Harris mystery series. The fourth in the series, Arctic Blue Death, was shortlisted for the Arthur Ellis Award for best crime novel. R.J. Harlick divides her time between Ottawa and west Quebec.