Prospect Avenue


West meets East as bootleggers and cops tangle with opium smugglers and corrupt officials in a new kind of gang warfare.

Prospect Avenue is nothing more than a dirt road ending in bulrushes behind a roadhouse. It’s a popular rendezvous point along the Detroit River for bootleggers like Jack McCloskey. But there’s more than just rumrunning going on these days; there’s a growing trade in opium, and people, as McCloskey finds out when he rescues the survivor of a bad smuggling deal.

As if this wasn’t enough, McCloskey is also trying to get his dinner club back on its feet, his second in command is coming apart at the seams, and his girlfriend, the indomitable Vera Maude, has a wedding to plan, and it’s not her own. He’s trying to hold things together while police corruption and domestic strife threaten to pull it all apart. Detective Campbell and Dr. Laforet are, as usual, left to pick up the pieces.

About the Author

Michael Januska

Posted by Kendra on October 30, 2014

Michael Januska

Michael Januska was born in Windsor, Ontario. He has worked with books his whole life, both as a bookseller and for several book publishing companies. Stories from Januska’s Prohibition-era Border City Blues series of novels and short stories have won two consecutive Scene of the Crime short story prizes. He is also the author of Grey Cup Century. He lives in Toronto.