Passchendaele 1917


The Battle of Passchendaele has come to epitomize the mud and blood of the First World War.

Passchendaele is perhaps one of the most iconic campaigns of the First World War, coming to symbolize the mud and blood of the battlefield like no other. Fought for over three months under some of the worst conditions of the war, fighting became bogged down in a quagmire that made it almost impossible for any gains to be made.

In this Battle Story, Chris McNab seeks to lift the battle out of its controversy and explain what really happened and why. Complete with detailed maps and photographs, as well as fascinating facts and profiles of the leaders, this is the best introduction to this legendary battle.

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Chris McNab

Posted by Dundurn Guest on June 30, 2015

Chris McNab

Chris McNab is author of many internationally bestselling books on weapons and warfare. He has written titles in the Battle Story series on Verdun and Cambrai, as well as the World War I Story (all, The History Press).