One More River to Cross


This is the story of Isaac Brown, a slave who was accused of the attempted murder of a plantation owner in Maryland, escaped, and ultimately made his way to freedom in Canada.

In the early to mid-nineteenth century, Isaac Brown, a slave, was accused of the attempted murder of a prominent plantation owner, despite there being no evidence of his guilt. Brown, after enduring two brutal floggings, was shipped to a New Orleans slave pen. From there the resourceful Brown was able to make a daring escape to Philadelphia in the free state of Pennsylvania. His biggest error was writing a note informing his free wife and eleven children in Maryland of his whereabouts. The note was intercepted and led to his arrest and attempted extradition back to Maryland.

While engaged in researching an ancestor named Isaac Brown, Bryan Prince encountered the very high-profile case of what turned out to be a different Isaac Brown. The story of this slave, with its culmination in Brown’s dramatic escape and ultimate success in crossing the border into Canada, is the riveting subject of historian Bryan Prince’s latest book.


Everything Bryan Prince writes is well researched, dramatic, and engaging. He draws us into the narrative and makes us feel for the character and allows us to empathize with the characters and in doing so we understand their emotions, feelings and motivations. We assume their plights and live and die with their achievements and failures. We become them and we inhabit their personas. We can identify with them, we get to care for them and share their grief as well as their joy and the fact that there is a strong local connection to it, which makes it all the more fascinating.

The Chatham Daily News

Informative for both its historical content and Princes storytelling style, One More River to Cross is worth the read.

Biz X Magazine (Windsor, ON) (March, 2012)

Another inspirational saga from Prince. —OHS Bulletin

About the Author

Bryan Prince

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014

Bryan Prince

Bryan Prince is a respected historical researcher on the Underground Railroad, slavery, and abolition. His previous books include One More River to Cross, A Shadow on the Household, and I Came as a Stranger. Bryan is in demand as a presenter throughout North America, and he and his wife were awarded the 2011 prize for the Advancement of Knowledge by the Underground Railroad Free Press. He lives in North Buxton, Ontario.