Old Oakville


Old Oakville is a chronological record illustrating the architectural styles of forty-five of the town's nineteenth-century buildings.

From the simple farm cottage to the stately mansion, from the first public houses to the churches of the last quarter of the century, this book depicts the dwellings and commercial buildings that provide Oakville with its unique character. David Peacock's architectural portraits and detail drawings are complemented by rare photographs as well as by many contemporary photographs of interior views. The text, carefully researched by Suzanne Peacock, brings archival material to life by providing an insight into the personalities of the original inhabitants and by linking these particular traits to the architectural vernacular style of their homes and shops. For in the last century, even more than today, a house reflected its owner's character and station in life, Old Oakville is a tribute to our predecessors and an acknowledgement of their most personal legacy — the place they call home.

About the Authors

David Peacock

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014

David Peacock

David Peacock, a graduate of the Ontario College of Art, is a creative director and partner in an advertising agency in Toronto. In his evenings and weekends, David has previously illustrated several other children's books, including The Great Canadian Alphabet Book for Hounslow Press but The Sea Serpent of Grenadier Pong is the first children's book that he has both illustrated and written.