Not Bad for a Sergeant


Barney Danson began as a twenty-one-year-old sergeant in the Canadian army and rose to the lofty heights of parliamentary secretary to Pierre Trudeau and, eventually, Minister of National Defence. In these positions, he gained insights into previously unknown facts about this remarkable prime minister, and he gives an insider’s view of Canadian politicians and world leaders. Danson’s own story, told in a touching and often humorous tone, is also the story of a generation of Canadians who faced the hardships of the Depression, the reality of war, and the many changes that followed.


...must reading for anyone interested in Canadian politics and the legacy of former prime minister Pierre Trudeau in particular. Not Bad for a Sergeant touches upon many aspects of a full life. It's well written, perhaps suprisingly so for someone who has been legally blind for the last five of his 80 years. 

Canadian Jewish News (November, 2002)

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Barney Danson

Posted by Dundurn Guest on December 6, 2014

Barney Danson

The Honourable Barnett (Barney) J. Danson, P.C., O.C. enlisted in the army at eighteen, and still serves on the regimental senate. In 1968 he was elected to the House of Commons and was parliamentary secretary to Pierre Trudeau. In 1976 he was named Minister of National Defence. He won the 2000 Vimy Award.