No Remedy for Love


A new memoir from internationally renowned musician Liona Boyd.

Few people have lived such a whirlwind, romantic, international life as Liona Boyd. She performed all over North America with Gordon Lightfoot, serenaded dozens of heads of state, and dated Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau (Pierre, that is). But her story didn’t end there. In a new memoir, Liona details her 2004 divorce and the roller coaster ride that followed. Not long after the breakup of her marriage, she was struck by a debilitating diagnosis and lost her ability to perform. After six years spent relearning and rebuilding, in 2011 she returned to live in Canada and create five new albums as a singer, composer, and (once again) guitarist.

Liona recounts her love affairs, her health battles, her spiritual journeys, her personal and musical struggles, and her greatest triumphs. Writing with candour and passion, she gives her fans a behind-the-scenes tour of her world.

About the Author

Liona Boyd

Posted by Kendra on December 20, 2016
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Liona Boyd

Liona Boyd, known around the world as “The First Lady of the Guitar” has released twenty-seven albums, spanning a wide range of styles, many of which have gone gold and platinum. She has been awarded the Order of Canada, the Order of Ontario, the Queen’s Jubilee medal, five honorary doctorates, has been inducted into the Guitar Gallery of Greats, and won five Juno awards. She lives in Toronto.