No Ordinary Men


The first in-depth book that sheds light on Canada’s elite warriors who operate in the shadows.

In 2001 the Canadian government sent elements of the elite Joint Task Force 2 counter-terrorist unit to Afghanistan to assist the United States in its global war on terror as part of Operation Enduring Freedom. Withdrawn a year later, JTF 2 returned to Afghanistan in 2005 to once again assist the Americans with the desperate struggle in the shadows to capture or kill Taliban leaders, facilitators, and bomb makers.

No Ordinary Men peels back the cloak of secrecy and reveals four untold special operations that JTF 2 operators conducted in 2005–06 in which their courage, tenacity, and impressive capabilities meant the difference between life and death. The book takes the reader to the Taliban sanctuaries deep in the Afghan hinterlands and provides a glimpse of Canada’s remarkable legacy in special operations.


a important and valuable contribution to the record of Canada’s military experience in Afghanistan

T. Robert Fowler, author of Combat Mission Kandahar

About the Authors

Bernd Horn

Posted by Kendra on April 19, 2016
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Bernd Horn

Colonel Bernd Horn is a retired Canadian Regular Force infantry officer and military educator. Dr. Horn has authored, co-authored, or edited more than forty books, including A Most Ungentlemanly Way of War: The SOE and the Canadian Connection and No Lack of Courage: Operation Medusa, Afghanistan. He lives in Kingston, Ontario.