My Heart is Africa


In 1996, successful businessman and certified pilot, Scott Griffin, decided to break from the comfortable routine of his life to go work for the Flying Doctors Service, an African organization that flies doctors to remote areas to administer medical assistance. Griffin also made the daring decision to fly his small, single-engine Cessna 180 solo from Canada to Africa and back again. My Heart is Africa is the engaging, personal story of Griffin’s two-year aviation adventure throughout Africa. Facing storms, equipment problems, fuel shortages and isolation, Griffin successfully made his way to Kenya – little did he know, his harrowing flight over the Atlantic was only the beginning of his adventure. Once in Africa, Griffin circumnavigated the continent, flying over deserts, mountains and jungles both as a medical volunteer and tourist. Throughout his journey – which included being arrested and crashing, then re-crashing, his plane – Griffin discovered the heartrending humanity and beauty of Africa.

My Heart is Africa is an absorbing adventure story, but it is also the story of Africa – its problems and people, its landscapes and limitations, its culture and courage. Griffin’s intrepid flying odyssey not only takes the reader on a journey across Africa but into the lives of all the doctors, nurses, aid workers and eccentric characters that crossed his path along the way. My Heart is Africa is a fascinating and gripping account of one man’s quest to push beyond his personal limits in order to explore and experience a new way of life.


With his first book, My Heart is Africa: A Flying Adventure, Scott Griffin joins the exalted ranks of such aviation writers as Beryl Markham, Antoine de Saint-Exupery, and Ernest K. Gann.

George Jonas

Scott Griffin is one of the great romantics.

Margaret Atwood

...delivers its fair share of thrills...

Vue Weekly

My Heart is Africa is a gripping account in the hands of a natural storyteller of two and half years and thousands of miles flown in his own single-engine Cessna 180. It is also a love story: of a plane, of flying, of a woman (Griffin's wife Krystyne), of a continent.

Globe and Mail

By reading this superb narrative, readers will understand, perhaps for the first time, the Western World's moral obligation to is a wonderful thing that this stunningly beautiful piece of literature has allowed Scott Griffin to share his vision of a still magnificent continent.

Books in Canada

...scenes offer exactly what a good travel memoir should: a carefully composed snapshot with a keen observation whispered in the ear.

Toronto Star

Griffin's love for the tumultuous continent is what makes this tale so easy to read and so hard to put down. He's able to make readers feel as though they're right beside him in his single engine Cessna 180 airplane, experiencing the terror of his plane crash or the majestic beauty of whatever vista he's viewing.

Winnipeg Free Press

Griffin's story is an honest telling of a true adventure. It's beautifully written with lyrical prose. The reader can visualize each scene and live with him through his fears, terrors, and cultural confusion.

The St. Albert Gazette

A story of personal discovery, of adventure, and of Africa, My Heart is Africa is an inspiring story of how making the decision to follow one's heart can change you forever.

Brandon Sun

...a riveting adventure story.

The Vancouver Sun

...ultimately, My Heart is Africa is much more than a travelogue; it is a love story in which Griffin opens his heart to Krystyne, to his beloved and battered Cessna, and to Africa – perhaps the most deserving of them all.

About the Author

Scott Griffin

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014
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Scott Griffin

Scott Griffin is the Chairman and major stakeholder of two manufacturing companies and the owner of House of Anansi Press. He is Chairman and Trustee of the Griffin Trust for Excellence in Poetry and Chancellor of Bishops University. He is on several NGO boards, including the AMREF International Board based in Nairobi, Kenya. He is married to Krystyne Griffin and has four children and seven grandchildren.