The Millennial Leader


A time-tested model for communication leadership, ready for today’s world and the millennials on top of it.

Millennials, numbering eighty-five million in North America alone, are no longer the leaders of tomorrow — they’re stepping up to leadership roles everywhere, today.

As they assume positions of ever greater responsibility, members of this vast generation — so adept in the ways of unremitting social media — face the same challenges as their predecessors in effectively engaging, influencing, and inspiring others. They’d do well to take the powerful communication techniques accomplished leaders have used for centuries, and adapt them to suit their modern and individual context.

In The Millennial Leader, senior communications adviser Jim Gray takes the essential lessons he’s learned from more than twenty-five years working with leaders in business, medicine, and politics, and passes them on to a new cohort. Featuring compelling examples, tips, lists, and tweets, The Millennial Leader passes the torch from one generation to another.

About the Author

Jim Gray

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014
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Jim Gray

Jim Gray is a leading speaker, communications skills coach, and media strategist. The author of How Leaders Speak, he specializes in preparing individuals, startups, and established organizations to pitch effectively for new business and funding. Jim is an executive-in-residence at Ryerson University’s Digital Media Zone, where he serves as in-house pitch coach. He lives in Toronto.