Michael Snow


A biography of Canada’s greatest living artist.

Michael Snow is rightly recognized as the greatest living Canadian artist, and he is also acknowledged as one of the most significant figures in Canadian art history. In a productive, lengthy career, he has, in a wide variety of genres, asked (and often answered) some of the most vexing and important issues in the history of art. During his career, the notion of what constitutes a work of art has undergone many changes, and he has been in the forefront of such activity.

In many ways, he is the visual artist as intellectual: his images are vibrant and compelling but so are the ideas behind them. Ultimately, his work is about perception. What do we really see when we look at a work of art? What is the act of looking all about? What exactly is a work of art?

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James King

Posted by KathrynB on December 6, 2014
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James King

James King is the author of six novels and nine biographies, including books on David Milne, William Blake, Margaret Laurence, Jack McClelland, Farley Mowat, and Lawren Harris. His biography of Herbert Read, The Last Modern, was nominated for the Governor General’s Literary Award, and Inner Places, about the life of David Milne, received a Hamilton Arts Council Literary Award in 2017.