Masques and Murder — Death at the Opera 2-Book Bundle


This special two-book bundle collects the adventures in crime of opera star Marta Hendriks. In The Fallen One, Marta is onstage at the Metropolitan Opera in New York when she learns of her beloved husband’s death in a house fire. Fast-forward two years and countless therapy sessions, Marta is ready to resume her career. In a stroke of luck, she’s hired at the last moment to sing Violetta for the Paris Opera. She manages to keep her emotions under tight control and triumphs in the opening-night performance. During one of her rare days off, Marta spots someone: her husband. Marta fears she’s losing her mind – or did she actually see him?

In Roses for a Diva, when Marta finds a bouquet of red roses in her dressing room after a performance, she’s surprised as well as charmed. The card only says "Roses for a Diva." And as miles and performances rack up in her globe-hopping career, the bouquets continue to mysteriously appear. But then strange things start happening in her private life. She’s certain someone has been in her apartment, breaking her most treasured possession. After calling in private investigator Shannon O’Brien, Marta is shocked to discover her entire life has been invaded.


  • The Fallen One
  • Roses for a Diva


The suspense will keep readers turning the pages until the dramatic conclusion.

. . . what’s best about The Fallen One is Blechta's informed grasp of the opera milieu. Any reader who begins the book not knowing much about an entertainment in which fat ladies sing will finish it with enough knowledge to qualify as a commentator on Saturday-afternoon broadcasts from the Met.

Blechta is a master storyteller who writes with a musical touch . . .

About the Author

Rick Blechta

Posted by Kendra on October 30, 2014
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Rick Blechta

Rick Blechta brings his musician's viewpoint to the thriller genre in such novels as Shooting Straight in the Dark, When Hell Freezes Over, and The Fallen One. Cemetery of the Nameless was shortlisted for an Arthur Ellis Award for Best Crime Novel. Rick is an active musician in Toronto.