The Man with the Black Valise


A chronicle of one of the vilest murders in Canadian history.

One brilliant October day in 1894, a drifter, carrying a black valise, met thirteen-year-old Jessie Keith on the railroad tracks and slashed her in such a way that people thought Jack the Ripper must have fled London, England, to wander loose in rural Ontario.

The Man with the Black Valise traces the killer’s route through three Ontario counties — a trajectory compiled by Detective John Wilson Murray. Though emotions ran feverishly high, the region’s farmers and townsfolk kept their heads, trying to bring the killer to justice.

About the Author

John Goddard

Posted by Kendra on October 30, 2014
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John Goddard

John Goddard is an author, magazine writer, and former Toronto Star reporter. His books include Inside the Museums: Toronto’s Heritage Sites and Their Most Prized Objects and Rock and Roll Toronto, with pop critic Richard Crouse. John lives in Toronto.