Mackenzie, Lost and Found


Fifteen-year-old Mackenzie Hill knows something is up when she arrives home to find her father making a home-cooked dinner, instead of his standard delivery pizza. But nothing prepares her for the bombshell announcement: Mackenzie and her dad, alone since the death of her mother a year ago, are moving to Jerusalem, where her father has taken a position as a visiting professor at a university.

The adjustment from life in Canada to life in Israel is dramatic - though it’s eased somewhat when Mackenzie is befriended by an American girl in her new school. The biggest shock of all comes when Mackenzie faces the wrath of her new friends, new community, and even her own father after she begins dating a Muslim boy.

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"... a poignant coming of age story with a twist ... Kerbel is a great writer. With a writing style that is familiar but distinctive at once. She gives a taste of what's there but keeps you wanting more and more. Overall, this novel was a very well done and extremely original. I hope to rad more of Kerbel soon enough."

Like Mackenzie herself, readers are sure to fall under the spell of Jerusalem and its many charms as the author adroitly conveys a sense of the land, its people and its rich history. While she depicts the tension and the ever-present threat of violence simmering near the surface of ordinary life, she also captures the awesomeness of its ancient ties

Canadian Children’s Book News

A good contemporary tale, with an exceptionally fine setting for 12-15 year-old readers.

Winnipeg Free Press

This book deals with challenging and topical material in a manner appropriate for the young adult audience. The protagonist is honest and na which makes her a good avenue to explore Jewish and Muslim religious traditions, relationships with family and friends, and the sweetness of first love. Patricia Jermey

The novel was a great read; I enjoyed learning a little more about this region, people and culture through the book. It was an insightful story.

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About the Author

Deborah Kerbel

Posted by Kendra on October 30, 2014
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Deborah Kerbel

Deborah Kerbel is the author of the teen novels Mackenzie, Lost and Found and Girl on the Other Side, which was nominated for the 2010 Canadian Library Association Young Adult Book Award. She is also the co-author of the Quizmas series of family Christmas trivia books. Born in London, England, Deborah now lives and writes in Thornhill, Ontario.