Loving Large


A mother’s journey to help save her son after he’s diagnosed with gigantism.

Patti M. Hall’s life is pitched in an abyss of uncertainty when a golf-ball sized tumour is discovered in her teenage son’s head and he is diagnosed with gigantism. Scrambling to access a handful of medical experts, doctors break the news that her boy could grow uncontrollably, and his life could be cut short without timely, aggressive treatment.

Patti’s attention shifts fully away from her relationships and friendships as well as her career and health. Her new normal sees her step into a dozen new job descriptions, including scrub nurse, medical researcher, primary caregiver, and cheerleader while she struggles and fails to rebuild her life as a newly divorced woman.

In Loving Large, Patti’s voice exudes wit, wisdom, and humour — the hallmarks of people who must figure out how to handle the aftermath of a crisis.

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