Love Object


It’s no secret that Sylvia is a little crazy. People have thought so ever since she first came to town when she was a teenager. But outside her own family, no one knows the depth of her mental illness. For her daughter, Mercy, Sylvia’s illness is at once a source of agony and fascination.

Mercy’s mother is absent from her life on several occasions. First, she is taken away to a mental hospital for treatment. Later, on a summer night in the early 1980s, Sylvia disappears entirely, never to be seen again. Her absence is pivotal in Mercy’s life.

Populated by an array of compelling characters the mad mother, the lovelorn father, the crossdressing younger brother, the quirky grandmother Love Object is a gripping account of the coming-of-age of a teenage girl in rural Ontario in the 1980s.


"Here is a first novel of great sensitivity...readers will be haunted by its pain and power."

The Leader Post (October, 2002)

"(Sally Cooper's) skill is evident in her first novel, beginnning with its title, Love Object, the opening key to the story's final cathartic punch."

(August, 2002)

"...a powerful debut for Sally Cooper. She clearly is a fearless writer, not afraid to make us squirm as she lays out stark details that expose and enrich her characters."

(July, 2002)

"beautifully, sometimes brilliantly rendered."

(July, 2002)

About the Author

Sally Cooper

Posted by Dundurn Guest on December 6, 2014

Sally Cooper

Sally Cooper has been published in numerous magazines, newspapers, and literary journals. Her first novel, Love Object (2002), received praise from critics and earned a devoted follower of readers. Cooper teaches Creative Writing at Humber College in Toronto, and lives in Hamilton, Ontario.