Love Her Madly


A nostalgic memoir revealing the story of Jim Morrison’s first love, a long-lost friendship, and the man who existed before the Doors.

In the spring of 1965, Bill Cosgrave was smuggled across the border into the United States after receiving an irresistible invitation from his friend Mary Werbelow. Upon arriving at her apartment in Los Angeles, Mary introduced Bill to her boyfriend, Jim Morrison. The two men quickly bonded.

When Jim and Mary’s relationship faltered, Jim headed for the beach with his notebook. Bill and Jim spent endless days smoking pot and taking mind-altering drugs, enjoying the aimlessness of their youth and the freedom of the times.

The contents of Jim’s notebook would morph into iconic hit songs as he rocketed to international fame as the hypnotic lead singer of the Doors. Beautiful Mary would eventually disappear. After many years of searching, Bill finally tracks her down. He’s curious to hear where her life has taken her, but shocked by what he finds out about the woman who had once captivated him.

Love Her Madly works its magic like a slow-acting drug, giving fresh insight into Jim Morrison, one of rock’s most mysterious and enduring icons.

About the Author

Bill Cosgrave

Posted by Kendra on September 17, 2019
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Bill Cosgrave

Bill Cosgrave was born in Toronto. After his vagabond days in Los Angeles, he settled down and co-founded a national travel company which he named, appropriately, Fun Seekers. He lives in Kelowna, British Columbia.