Lies that Bind


Tulla Murphy wondered if a whole town could be evil.

Tulla Murphy’s life has unravelled. Spurred by a sudden and severe loss of hearing and a marriage on life support, she heads back to Parnell, the hometown she vowed never to return to.

Parnell is still a Petri dish of old secrets and simmering resentments. There, Tulla reconnects with her three childhood friends. Their friendship had once insulated them from the treacheries of the town and the enmities of the schoolyard, but Tulla isn’t sure if it will protect them again.

Mysterious deaths soon occur — the first at the height of one of Parnell’s most ferocious storms. As the body count mounts, Tulla is plagued by a growing suspicion that threatens loyalties and makes her question her memories. Is it possible that her friendships are more dangerous than the forces swirling around her?

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