Let’s Hear it for Christmas/The Naciwonki Cap


Let's Hear it for Christmas is about when Perry Penguin arrives at the North Pole to meet Santa he finds Noise Control Officer Z.B. Snappish using a set of computerized earphones to programme Santa to leave all the Christmas toys at Z.B.'s house. Perry works with Christy, Frances, and the audience to show Snappish that sharing can be fun.

The Naciwonki Cap is about the Naciwonki ("I know I can" spelled backwards) Cap supplied by a friendly puppet, Solvitt Simply to help Mandy, Helpem Hibernate, Mrs. Santa and the audience to solve some very difficult problems created by Clarence Clackett, who wants to use his computer to modernize Christmas. With the solution comes the message that believing in yourself is the most important of all.

About the Author

Beth McMaster

Posted by Kendra on May 28, 2019

Beth McMaster

Beth McMaster has been writing children's plays since 1969. Her 26 plays add up to over 200 productions by more than 100 different companies in Canada, the U.S.A., and New Zealand with over 3,000 performances for over 35,000 children, making her a major children's playwright.