Kate Rice


Kathleen Rice was an inspiring woman who lived ahead of her time. Born in St. Marys, Ontario, she graduated as a gold medallist in Mathematics at the University of Toronto in 1906. After a conventional beginning teaching school in Ontario and Saskatchewan, Kate broke free of the mold, searching for new frontiers as a prospector in Manitoba during the gold rush. She formed a partnership with Dick Woosey and began a life in the remote areas around Herb Lake, prospecting and trapping. After Woosey’s death, Kate faced her final and most difficult challenge - living alone in the wildness of the north.

About the Author

Helen Duncan

Posted by Dundurn Guest on December 6, 2014

Helen Duncan

Helen Duncan was born in St. Mary's, Ontario, where, as a child, she met Kathleen Rice. She graduated from the University of Toronto and then attended the Sorbonne, studied writing at Columbia University, and received a library degree from the Pratt Institute. She spent years working as a researcher for Reader's Digest.