John Graves Simcoe 1752-1806


One of the legendary figures of Ontario history, John Graves Simcoe was the commander of the Queen’s Rangers during the American Revolution. In 1791 he was appointed the first lieutenant-governor of Upper Canada, and upon his arrival in 1792 he founded the town of York (present-day Toronto).

John Graves Simcoe completes a trilogy of Simcoe books published by Dundurn Press. Mary Beacock Fryer’s Elizabeth Posthuma Simcoe was first published in 1989, while Our Young Soldier: Lieutenant Francis Simcoe, 6 June 1791-6 April 1812 was released in 1996. For this third volume, Fryer has teamed with Christopher Dracott, whose vantage point from Devonshire, England helps to provide this book with a complete view of Simcoe’s life.


A well-documented narrative of Simcoe's life.

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About the Authors

Mary Beacock Fryer

Posted by Kendra on October 30, 2014

Mary Beacock Fryer

Mary Beacock Fryer (1929–2017) was a well-known expert on Upper Canadian history. She wrote a trilogy on the Simcoe family: Elizabeth Posthuma Simcoe: A Biography, Our Young Soldier: Lieutenant Francis Simcoe, 6 June 1791-6 April 1812, and John Graves Simcoe: 1752-1806, A Biography. Among Fryer's other books are Escape, Beginning Again, and Buckskin Pimpernel.

Christopher Dracott

Posted by Dundurn Guest on December 6, 2014

Christopher Dracott

Christopher Dracott was formerly Detective Chief Superintendent at New Scotland Yard. His career included service in the Complaints Investigation Bureau and the Serious Crime Squad (popularly known as the "Murder Squad"). Dracott first became interested in the life of John Graves Simcoe when visiting Toronto shortly after retirement. Dracott now lives near the home of John Graves Simcoe in Devon, England.