House Inside the Waves


Writer, surfer, and househusband Richard Taylor is mad about beaches and islands, and was inspired by a house exchange that whisked him and his family from a freezing Ottawa winter to a year of some of the world’s best surf on the east coast of Australia. In an era of packaged paradises and cyber surfers, the forty-something writer’s first case of the mid-life blues seduced him into recapturing his youthful romance with surfing.

About the Author

Richard Taylor

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014

Richard Taylor

Richard Taylor is the author of the novel Cartoon Woods and the short-story collection tender Only the One.. Many of his feature articles have been published by the Ottawa Citizen. A seasoned traveller, he has journeyed around the world and has taught creative writing in Hong Kong, Australia, and Tuscany. He teaches in Carleton University's English department.