Historic Unionville


A guided tour of historic Unionville, a little Ontario village bursting with historic buildings full of stories.

Unionville is a village in the city — an unexpected oasis where time seems to move a little more slowly than in the hectic world of condos, commercial strips, and traffic gridlock. Since the late 1960s, when Unionville and its vintage Main Street were “discovered,” the village has been a magnet for visitors. Historic Unionville is the first detailed exploration of the facts and folklore behind Unionville’s winding ways and eclectic architectural sights, which span two centuries from the Georgian to the Postmodern.

Touring the heritage sites that still stand proudly in the community as signposts to the past, George Duncan brings to life stories of the people, places, and events behind this unique and inviting Ontario village.


Historic Unionville is a beautifully produced and illustrated history of the ‘unexpected Oasis’ that is Unionville…Duncan’s historical tour is informed by his insights as a heritage professional; his meticulous examination of the City of Markham’s heritage files brings his knowledge of architecture and urban planning to this story.

Ontario Historical Society Bulletin

George Duncan has crafted a book that has a lot to offer and will likely find itself used as a well-thumbed resource by many as they visit and explore “Historic Unionville.”

Richmond Hill Historical Society Newsletter

About the Author

George Duncan

Posted by Kendra on January 21, 2015
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George Duncan

George Duncan is a founding member of the Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals and a two-time recipient of the Ontario Heritage Foundation's Certificate of Achievement. He currently works for the Markham Planning and Urban Design Department and lives in Markham, Ontario.