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What do you know about your menstrual cycle?

A woman’s cycle is considered her fifth vital sign, telling you as much about your health and wellness as your blood pressure or pulse. Yet, from a young age, girls around the world are taught the minimum, if anything, about their own bodies and this important function.

Instead we are taught to expect periods to be painful and gross, that hormones will turn you hysterical every twenty-eight days, and that good girls definitely don’t talk about menstruation.

This book examines the history of period shame and stigma and the far-reaching effects it has had on women’s health and wellness today, while providing a self-care guide to understanding menstrual cycles and reclaiming your fifth vital sign through holistic nutrition, lifestyle advice, and self-advocacy.

About the Author

Amanda Laird

Posted by Dundurn Guest on May 8, 2018
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Amanda Laird

Amanda Laird is a registered holistic nutritionist with a clinical focus in hormonal and menstrual health, and the host of the Heavy Flow Podcast — a weekly podcast dedicated to casual conversations about periods and other taboo health and wellness topics. She lives in Toronto.