The Happy Warrior


Originally published in 1988, this revised and expanded edition of Donald C. MacDonald’s acclaimed memoirs provides an inside look at provincial politics in Ontario through the eyes of a party leader. Dubbed "the Happy Warrior" by Tommy Douglas, MacDonald led the Ontario CCF/NDP for seventeen years, and continued to sit in the Legislature for twelve years after stepping down as party leader. During his political career, MacDonald played a significant role in the rise of the CCF/NDP, and provided a strong voice for the left wing in the Legislature. He also witnessed and criticized various scandals that plagued ruling parties.


"Offers a cautious but nonetheless clear critique of the Rae government from 1990-1995, which blasted the hopes of many social democrats, and raised the defensive abilities of others to new levels."

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Donald MacDonald

Posted by Dundurn Guest on December 6, 2014

Donald MacDonald

Donald C. MacDonald led the Ontario New Democratic Party and its predeccesor, the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation, from 1953 to 1970, and continued to represent the Toronto riding of York South until 1982, when he resigned the seat to make way for future-premier Bob Rae.