The Great Gould


A startling new portrait of Gould, including never-before-seen material.

Considered one of the most influential musicians and cultural figures of his time, Glenn Gould remains a fascinating figure. With the support of the Glenn Gould Estate, Peter Goddard has drawn on Gould’s unpublished writings, interviews, and never-before-seen photographs to present a startling new portrait of Gould, the man and the musician.

Goddard presents a deep and nuanced study of Gould’s life with unmatched candour and clarity.The Great Gould includes a love letter Gould wrote but never sent (he later revised it again and again); the text of a speech that Gould gave to a group of children about life and childhood; and portions of Glenn Gould: Hysteric Return, a never-before-seen radio script in which Gould imagines his return to the concert stage and all it would have entailed.

All of this and more makes The Great Gould the perfect gift for the Gould fan, or for anyone interested in Canadian music.

About the Author

Peter Goddard

Posted by Kendra on October 27, 2015
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Peter Goddard

Peter Goddard, the long-time music and visual arts critic for the Toronto Star, has hosted and contributed to numerous radio and television programs.The author of fifteen musical biographies, including books on Frank Sinatra, Bowie, Springsteen, and The Rolling Stones, Peter is also a composer and a musician himself, and has performed as a concert pianist and has also played in a variety of bands. He lives in Creemore, Ontario.