The Great Canadian Book of Lists


Who were Canada’s ten most romantic couples of the twentieth century? What were this country’s worst disasters, its ten best beers, and its most controversial works of art in the past one hundred years? Where will you find the most haunted places in Canada and who are Canada’s greatest heroes, its most accomplished athletes, and its most despised criminals?

The Great Canadian Book of Lists chronicles a century of achievements, trends, important and influential people, and fascinating events that have shaped this country as it heads into a new millennium. Award-winning writers Mark Kearney and Randy Ray, who have delighted readers with their bestselling books The Great Canadian Trivia Book and The Great Canadian Trivia Book 2, turn the spotlight on the twentieth century to determine the best, worst, and most significant happenings in our lives.

Not content with supplying a shopping list of items about Canada, Kearney and Ray provide plenty of details to support why certain people and events are included on the lists. And their statistical snapshots comparing a variety of societal trends over different years show readers how Canada has changed in the course of the past century.

You’ll also learn how experts from the worlds of science, sports, lifestyle, literature, and politics rate the personalities and events that have made Canada what it is today. And several guest celebrities weigh in with lists they’ve created exclusively for The Great Canadian Book of Lists.

Enlightening, controversial and fun, The Great Canadian Book of Lists is bound to start as many arguments as it settles. Was Guy Lafleur a better hockey player than Rocket Richard? Why are rower Silken Laumann and actress Margot Kidder on the same list? What were the best Canadian novels of the twentieth century? And what are some key milestones achieved by Canadian women, medical doctors, inventors, and musicians?

Innovations and flops, successes and failures, comebacks and breakthroughs, record setters and trend setters: You’ll find them all in The Great Canadian Book of Lists.


"You'll be surprised, educated and intrigued by the entries-just what the authors wanted to accomplish." Sources, Summer 2002

"The Great Canadian Book of Lists is a nostalgic look at all things Canadian. The lists, the categories from arts and entertainment to the environment is a result of months of research and interviews on what embodies Canadian pop-culture."

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"a wealth of little know facts, this fun book can be used as a reference guide or merely for entertainment."

(December, 1999)

"jammed with interesting bits of Canadian history."

(November, 1999)

"of considerable interest to Canadians."

(October, 1999)

About the Authors

Randy Ray

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014

Randy Ray

Randy Ray is a freelance writer, author and publicist. He worked as a reporter with The London Free Press for 13 years, including three years as the newspaper's Parliament Hill correspondent. He lives in Ottawa.

Mark Kearney

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014

Mark Kearney

Mark Kearney lives in London and has worked as a journalist for almost twenty-five years. He has a journalism degree from the University of Western Ontario.