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The fourth in Delany’s Klondike Mystery series is a madcap romp through the mud of 1898 Dawson City.

Book Four of the Klondike Mystery Series by Vicky Delany!

The year is 1898. The place is Dawson City, Yukon. A man staggers out of the dusk to collapse at the feet of a startled Fiona MacGillivray, shattering the peaceful calm of a warm July night. Before breathing his last, he gasps two words: "MacGillivray, Culloden." Fiona doesn’t know the man and she would prefer not to find out why he linked her name with the "bloodiest of all battles."

As international intrigue abounds and handsome Corporal Richard Sterling of the NWMP searches for the murderer, Fiona’s son Angus takes a job as a photographer’s assistant, a new dancer almost causes a riot, and Fiona tells herself she is not at all bothered by the amount of attention Richard Sterling is paying to the pretty and charming photographer, Miss Eleanor Jennings.

This is the latest installment of the Klondike Mysteries, starring Fiona MacGillvary. The first three books of the Klondike Mystery series are Gold Web, Gold Fever, and Gold Mountain.


Delany's history-turned-fiction is well checked against fact. Better yet, she's a storyteller who deftly pulls together the plusses and minuses of women's independence, Yukon tradition, and of course the Mounties. Fiona MacGillivray is already a classic character, and her gutsy participation in Gold Rush life makes a great winter read.

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The most interesting mystery that gets more fully revealed than in Delany’s previous Klondike gold novels has to do with Fiona’s own history: some of the events, decisions and relationships that have made her one of the most vivid, brave, and glamorous protagonists in Canadian crime fiction.

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This one is great fun.

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If like me, you wish to read serially, Gold Web will have you scattering to the library looking for more.

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Vicki Delany

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014
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Vicki Delany

Vicki Delany is a prolific and varied crime writer whose work includes standalone novels of gothic suspense, the Smith & Winters series, and the light-hearted Klondike Mysteries: Gold Mountain, Gold Digger, Gold Fever, and Gold Web. She lives in Picton, Ontario.