Gold Mountain


When Fiona MacGillivray refuses the bandit Paul Sheridan, it’s up to her son to to save her.

Book Three of the Klondike Mystery Series by Vicki Delany!

In the summer of 1897, Fiona MacGillivray and her eleven year-old son, Angus, arrive in Vancouver in time to hear the news gold discovered in the Klondike! Fiona immediately sets off for Skagway, Alaska, intent on opening a theatre. After one encounter with infamous gangster Soapy Smith and his henchman Paul Sheridan, she decides to pursue her ambitions on the other side of the border in Dawson City. As a dying man breathes his last, he passes on to Sheridan a map pointing due north to the fabled Gold Mountain, where hills of gold keep the heat from hot springs contained in a valley as warm as California.

Sheridan is determined to become the king of Gold Mountain and to marry Fiona and make her his queen. Fiona, of course, wants no part of these mad plans. When Sheridan refuses to take no for an answer, Fiona must rely on Corporal Sterling of the North-West Mounted Police, young Angus, and a headstrong assortment of townsfolk to help thwart his scheme.

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This smart and funny sequel to Gold Fever takes us back to the bad old days of the Klondike Gold Rush. Delany has a dab hand with all the lore about life in the 19th century Klondike.

Globe and Mail (April, 2012)

The bizarre closing twist will leave readers prospecting for a sequel.

Publishers Weekly (February, 2012)

Delany is a master at her craft, able to use language and historical events to build a story that rivets the reader until the last page.

Mystery Scene magazine (April, 2012)

There are many reasons to read Gold Mountain. First, it's a delight. Second, as mentioned, Fiona is a heroine who's quite unique—feisty, with a checkered past, clever, sarcastic, quit-witted, headstrong and quite fetching. Third, the setting of the Klondike gold rush is so vividly portrayed, from the mud-drenched roads to those desperately seeking their fortunes. Consider it a mini history lesson.

Mystery Maven Canada

Once again, Delany has managed to bring the wild years of the Klondike Gold Rush to life. It was a time and place filled with unusual characters, mad schemes, violence and greed. All of that comes to light in Delany's Klondike mysteries.

About the Author

Vicki Delany

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014
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Vicki Delany

Vicki Delany is a prolific and varied crime writer whose work includes standalone novels of gothic suspense, the Smith & Winters series, and the light-hearted Klondike Mysteries: Gold Mountain, Gold Digger, Gold Fever, and Gold Web. She lives in Picton, Ontario.