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Fourteen-year-old Al is spending the summer on the shores of Ontario’s James Bay with his eccentric archaeologist father. On their last day there, Al paddles his canoe awawy from the rocky, tree-lined shore and is strangely overtaken by a thickfog that disorients him. As the mist rolls over him, Al is startled to see a ship in the distance that he recognizes as the Discover, whose captain was the ill-fated Henry Hudson. Is it a ghostly apparition?

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"Once again, John Wilson brings alive the past.This is a gripping adventure and successful time slip fantasy that will have middle and high school students glued to the pages."

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John Wilson

Posted by Kendra on October 30, 2014

John Wilson

John Wilson was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, and is the author of numerous books for young people. He has written other Stories of Canada titles, including Righting Wrongs and Discovering the Arctic, both of which were shortlisted for the Norma Fleck Award for children's non-fiction. He lives in Lantzville, British Columbia.