Generation Deluxe


They fork out 100 million for starter castles, 500,000 for a customized Mercedes, and 1.2 million for a watch. While Generation Deluxe explores the spending patterns of the wealthy, a dark underside emerges: excessive consumerism is creating serious damage to the environment and human life. Simultaneously, the super-rich - and celebrities - are raising awareness and spending multi-millions cleaning up the damage and, as never before, funding solutions to global problems of poverty, hunger, and disease prevention.

About the Author

Iris Nowell

Posted by Dundurn Guest on December 6, 2014

Iris Nowell

Iris Nowell was the author of five books. Writing her 1996 book, Women Who Give Away Millions, gave her a solid foundation of philanthropy, the notforprofit sector, and the wealthy. She also wrote a memoir of Canadian artist Harold Town, and a biography of artist, filmmaker, and impassioned feminist, Joyce Wieland.