Father Sweet


A shocking tale of secrets, guilt, and clerical child abuse.

In 1978, Blackburn Hamlet is a typical suburban village in eastern Ontario, with French and English schools, a vibrant Catholic community, and a predator priest. When charismatic Father Sweet invites his favourite altar boy on a camping trip, his parents insist he go. Alone together in the woods, the two enter a battle of wits that will change their lives forever.

Years later, both grapple with choices they’ve made. As they struggle to redefine themselves in society, they reckon with changing morals, and a new century’s view of religion.

Father Sweet is a timely and moving story about Canada’s complicity in religious child abuse, unveiling not just dark personal secrets, but a large-scale conspiracy entangling children, families, and nations.

About the Author

J.J. Martin

Posted by KathrynB on September 18, 2018

J.J. Martin

J.J. Martin grew up Catholic in Ontario and pursued graduate studies in Anthropology of Religion at the University of Ottawa. His articles have appeared in multiple news outlets, including the Globe and Mail. He lives in Toronto.