End-of-Earth People


A history of the "End-of-Earth" Native people of Canada’s far-North Sahtu region.

Bern Will Brown, noted northern author, artist, photographer, and respected community leader living in Colville Lake, Northwest Territories, provides new insights and perspectives on the Sahtu Dene, the people referred to as the "Hareskin" in Alexander Mackenzie’s 1793 journal. Having lived among them for over sixty years and as a speaker of their dialect, Brown is well positioned to provide an adventure in history and culture rooted in the Hareskin traditional way of life.

End-of-Earth People, his latest contribution and a valuable record of the North, is a portrait of a people Brown has come to know in ways that anthropologists and ethnologists can only envy.


"The book candidly speaks about social issues the Sahtu Dene still struggle with, such as residential schools and dependence on government assistance, while providing rare details into the traditional practices of the Sahtu people, such as how to tan a moose hide or how to build a canoe from native material."

Above & Beyond Magazine

"Brown’s prose is straightforward and honest; the stories he relates of his encounters with his Dene friends are often amusing and come from the heart. As an added bonus, the book includes many of Brown’s own beautiful photographs. Well worth picking up for anyone interested in Arctic culture."

Canada’s History Magazine

…the book presents a rich photographic archive of life in Colville Lake and the Sahtu region since the late 1940s…Brown’s photographs make a significant contribution to documenting history and life in the Northwest Territories…

Arctic Magazine

Like the man himself, Bern Will Brown’s final legacy, as represented by this volume, is authentic and insightful.

Above & Beyond

About the Author

Bern Will Brown

Posted by Dundurn Guest on December 6, 2014
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Bern Will Brown

Bern Will Brown went to the Canadian Arctic in 1948 as an Oblate priest and travelled extensively by dogteam throughout the region. In the early 1960s, he helped found the Hareskin community of Colville Lake, north of the Arctic Circle. Bern Will Brown passed away on July 4, 2014.