Downright Upright


For every Canadian who loves the piano ….

Remember those early piano lessons?

The joy of accomplishing your first piano solo?

The anxiety of the recital?

Gathering in song around an old upright with family and friends?

Downright Upright is a thorough and loving treatment of the Canadian piano, its development and social impact.

1991 marked the 175th anniversary of this fascinating Canadian industry. Since 1816 more than 240 different brand name pianos have been produced by better than 150 individual companies.

Canada exported countless thousands of pianos to every corner of the globe. Russian Czar Nicholas II had one made in London, Ontario. Queen Victoria owned a Heintzman grand. Japanese school boards insisted on them. From the Australian outback to the Andes, from equatorial Africa to the Arctic, our pianos were a hit!

Downright Upright includes a "buyer’s guide" and Canadian piano atlas (serial numbers). Ideal for the piano owner keen to know more about the instrument and its history.

About the Author

Wayne Kelly

Posted by Dundurn Guest on December 6, 2014

Wayne Kelly

Wayne Kelly is an ardent canoeist and historical researcher. Known widely as "Mr. Crokinole," he has published two books including the popular Downright Upright, published in 1991 and reprinted in 1992. He lived in Stratford, Ontario. Wayne passed away May 3, 2016.