The Code


A book for men about finding meaning, passion, and commitment in life.

Technology and feminism have changed everything, as traditional roles society assigned to men and women have, more and more, become things of the past. Much as this has been liberating, it has also left many men feeling disoriented by the lack of models for how to be a “good” man in a rapidly changing society. These changes, and the challenges and opportunities they bring, have necessarily affected men differently than women. Not only have their traditional roles begun to fade away, but so have many of their traditional jobs. This book is meant to be part of the conversation about being a man today and how to live one’s life in a new kind of world.

Michael Reist has spent a lifetime thinking about what it means to be a man and how to get through the day with all the challenges, insecurities, and changing realities men face. We live in a shallow culture with few good role models. We feel like we are making it up as we go along. We all need a mentor — someone to point out possible roads to take. In The Code, Reist offers one way forward.

About the Author

Michael Reist

Posted by KathrynB on December 6, 2014

Michael Reist

Michael Reist is an internationally recognized advocate for men and boys. As a mentor to hundreds of men and boys over the past two decades, he is aware of the deep questions and issues facing men today. He is the author of several books, including Raising Boys in a New Kind of World and Raising Emotionally Healthy Boys. Michael lives in Caledon East, Ontario.