Christmas at Saddle Creek


Bird returns to Saddle Creek and her beloved horse Sunny for Christmas.

Bird has always dreaded Christmas. For as long as she could remember, her mother Eva would go into a predictable tailspin of selfishness and drama as the holiday approached. This one was no different, and Bird is once again dumped at Saddle Creek Farm with her Aunt Hannah while Eva parties.

At midnight on Christmas Eve, in the midst of an ice storm, Cody (the loyal coyote) alerts Bird that elderly Laura Pierson is in danger down the road. Sundancer, Cody, and Bird head out to save her. The family’s plans fluctuate due to the storm, and people begin to gather for Christmas dinner. Bird unwittingly triggers an emotional firestorm, and a dark, long-held memory surfaces, throwing off the tenuous good cheer.

While the after-dinner bonfire burns, Bird learns the meaning of Christmas. As she leads Sunny, pulling the sled giving children rides, more family shows up, and carloads of neighbours arrive to witness a blessed surprise.

About the Author

Shelley Peterson

Posted by Kendra on July 7, 2015
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Shelley Peterson

Shelley Peterson is the bestselling author of seven published novels for young readers: Dancer, Abby Malone, Stagestruck, Sundancer, Mystery at Saddle Creek, Dark Days at Saddle Creek, and Jockey Girl. She divides her time between Toronto and Fox Ridge, where she operates a stable.