Christine Morris Mysteries 2-Book Bundle


This double edition of the Christine Morris Mystery series presents Maureen Jennings’s Does Your Mother Know? and The K Handshape.


... a remarkably poignant story about the murder of a young deaf woman who was simply trying to break down discriminatory barriers for the hearing impaired ... Jennings is a master at drawing out her characters, here introducing new ones along with some from the past whom she brought to life in Christine Morris's first case.

Mike Gillespie, Times Colonist

About the Author

Maureen Jennings

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014
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Maureen Jennings

Maureen Jennings is the author of the Murdoch Mysteries, a historical series set in Victorian Toronto. The first book, Except the Dying, won the Certificate of Commendation from Heritage Toronto. CHUM television has ordered the creation of an exciting new 13-episode series, The Murdoch Mysteries, based on these novels. The K Handshape is the second in Maureen's new series featuring Christine Morris.