The Canadian Iroquois and the Seven Years’ War


The participation of the Iroquois of Akwasasne, Kanesetake (Oka), Kahnawake and Oswegatchie in the Seven Years’ War is a long neglected topic. The consequences of this struggle still shape Canadian history. The book looks at the social and economic impact of the war on both men and women in Canadian Iroquois communities. The Canadian Iroquois provides an enhanced appreciation both of the role of Amerindians in the war itself and of their difficult struggle to lead their lives within the unstable geopolitical environment created by European invasion and settlement.


"This fascinating book follows the fortunes of the Iroquois during each of the major campaigns. MacLeod convincingly portrays the Iroqouis as loyal and knowledgable partners in the French enterprise."

Canadian Book Review Annual

“MacLeod’s book is a valuable addition to the canon of literature on the Seven Years War.”

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