Canada on Fire


The summer of 1812 saw the beginning of one of the most brutal wars to take place on Canadian soil. With more than 1,600 people killed and a battlefront that extended from Halifax Harbour in Nova Scotia to the Columbia River in what is now British Columbia, the war featured many brave men and women who fended off much larger American forces.

Canada on Fire is an exciting account of the War of 1812 as told through the stories of the heroes who helped to defend Canada, people such as Mohawk chief John Norton, who led a small army into battle against the wishes of his tribe, and Red George Macdonnell, who spent the war defending the St. Lawrence River.

With descriptions of the battle at Lundys Lane, the adventures of the Sea Wolves, and the antics of James Fitzgibbon and his Bloody Boys, Canada on Fire reveals the War of 1812 as it has seldom been seen.


"Well-researched and historically accurate."

Canadian Materials magazine

"Overall one should be pleased that a more character developed book has been put forth on such an important mark in Canadian history. A young students attention will benefit from it, increasing the teachers ability to inform."

Resource Links (June, 2011)

"Canada on Fire: The War of 1812 is a lively account of the conflict between Canada with a population of less than half a million and the United States with seven million told through the people who lived through it.

Toronto Star

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Posted by Dundurn Guest on December 6, 2014
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Jennifer Crump

Jennifer Crump is a freelance journalist and author whose work has appeared in numerous North American magazines and several anthologies. The author of a Toronto guidebook and two previous books on the War of 1812, she lives in Smooth Rock Falls, Ontario.